NOAH - Aaron Spiro

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“I often wonder why God would choose me, a sinner. This mystery I will never know. I remember writing this song after hearing the story of the flood.  This song’s 3rd verse literally poured out like rain and wrecked me.  It’s one of those moments I honestly felt God giving me the lyrics. In a rush of emotion, out came one of the most inspired songs to date.  It was too good to be mine.  The stories of both the flood and the garden connected in an instant and I was in awe of Jesus. He would never flood the earth again because of His once-for-all sacrifice that would cleanse the fallen, corrupt world”



It’s been forty days since I felt the sun • In the belly of the ship I felt every last one • When it started raining they came two by two • People called me crazy and I felt like it too • Why me and the others let be • Why choose me and let the other ones be • The cancer had spread through the roots of our trees • Passed down to my father and now my father to me • I saw the sadness in God’s eyes • Did they run out of chances and one more last tries? Why me and the others let be • Why choose me and let the other ones be • Later on in the garden sweat poured like a flood • 40 drops of death and fear and blood • Can anyone of give him just a flicker of light? • It’s so hard to see rainbows in the dead of night • Why, why not me • And let your only son be • How can it be • And let the other ones go free?



from The Story: Vol 1, track released December 19, 2010
Song by Aaron Spiro. Produced by Buddy Ross, Aaron Spiro. Drums by Mark Alvis, Bass by Andy Wambam, Buddy Ross. Acoustic: Aaron Spiro. Electric Guitars by Nate Daley, Aaron Spiro, Neal Vickers, Chris Greely




The Story Tacoma, Washington

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