ABEL - Aaron Spiro

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“This was one of those stories in the Bible that was difficult to wrap my mind around.  I tried to climb inside the head of Cain, and feel his tumultuous struggle. At first glance, I was disgusted and overwhelmed by his action. But with further honesty, I realized that I’m just like Cain walking the same road, feeding my own sinful tiger.”

- Aaron



I am willing • I am able • To strike the back and make it fatal • No one will notice • No one’s around • Out in the fields just brother and ground • Someone’s watching me •A tiger’s in the weeds • I’m the older • He’s the young • He’s always been the favored son • I’m the bad one • He’s the good • I’m the sad one, who never could • I hate him more • More and more each day • This is the price I’ve chosen to pay • Then from the shadows • Came the attack • That’s when the tiger jumped on my back • I should have known it • I fed him well • Now I’m returning to where I fell • I fed you when you where young • I knew this day would come • Look in the mirror • Look back at me • You’re the brother I could never be • I am Cain • You are Abel • Strike your back and make it fatal.



from The Story: Vol 1, track released December 19, 2010
Song by Aaron Spiro. Produced by Buddy Ross, Aaron Spiro. Drums by Mark Alvis, Bass by Andy Wambam, Buddy Ross. Acoustic: Aaron Spiro. Electric Guitars by Nate Daley, Aaron Spiro, Neal Vickers, Chris Greely




The Story Tacoma, Washington

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